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Company Summary

XFirms/XEvents’ consortium offers a wide variety of creative and production services, including Internet marketing, website design, social media development, event planning, and construction management. All are built on the same three pillars of our operating philosophy: innovative strategies; meticulous attention to client needs; and creative networking across multiple industries.

XFirms/XEvents designs and implements business models for diverse industries, handling everything from corporate set-up and identity, to business card design and bookkeeping services. We act as a media design resource to further our clients’ corporate vision through Internet, social media, and print. We have built a reputation as a leading construction management resource for partnering industry professionals by offering superb support, from project management through paving and signage. And we are a premiere event venue and planning resource for meetings, seminars, trainings, weddings, and other social events.

Based in Las Vegas, XFirms/XEvents is a one-stop shop for a wide range of critical business services. Our consortium of companies helps professionals be better organized and successful from the moment they conceive a project, through the planning process, and all the way up to celebrating its launch. We offer business creation services, such as business model development, corporate identity and setup, and bookkeeping and notary support.

Our media design group handles every aspect of your vision as implemented online, in print and through social media — from your Internet marketing plan and website design to social media and magazine advertising. We also have both facilities and staff to host and plan events, making us a sought-after resource for meetings, seminars, trainings, weddings and social gatherings.

The Construction management team is unparalleled in its ability to handle both the intangibles, such as project management, to the concrete, such as paving and signage. We undertake every task bearing in mind the three pillars of our founding philosophy: innovative strategies, meticulous attention to client needs, and creative networking across multiple industries. Call us for a consultation and see how we can help you realize your dream.


Dale Harelik – CEO

XFirms/Xevents creator and founder Dale Harelik has over twenty-seven years of business experience from several diverse industries. He has previous direct experience in restaurant, bar and gaming ownership, construction and contracting, retail and service operations, importing, exporting, and international distribution. He is a graduate of Southern Methodist University where he received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree (BBA).

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